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Spectore Corporation is recognized as the pioneer and world’s leading innovator in the development and manufacture of Artistically inspired consumer products made in part or whole of contemporary materials. With over 30 years of experience, Spectore is the preferred producer of quality products to the world’s most discerning clients through a broad expanse of industries. For over 30 years Spectore has an impeccable track record for consistently delivering the optimum balance of value and quality.


From its very beginnings, Spectore has been at the forefront of new material development and has pioneered the manufacturing methodologies and processes necessary to consistently manufacture products at the highest standards possible. The company continually strives for innovations in not only new materials and combinations of hybrid products, but also in leading edge applications for these unique elements.


Spectore has developed critical strategic alliances with many of the largest material suppliers and fabricators in the world. Through these synergies Spectore has been instrumental in the creation of many proprietary and patented materials such as  Black Ti™ and CobaBlu™ cobalt. In addition, through its broad exposure and global relationships, Spectore has applied its technological advantages to orchestrate and consistently deliver the benefit of leadership positioning to a multitude of world renowned brands through a variety of markets. With unparalleled expertise in working with and ownership of its vast portfolio of proprietary materials and processes, Spectore is in a market position with little to no competition.


As is clearly demonstrated by its leadership position and rich history of repeated successes, Spectore’s commitment of innovation of materials and technologies in manufacturing is unparalleled. Research and Development have always been and will continue to be Spectore’s highest priority. The engineering department has not only the technical expertise but also decades of practical experience in all aspects of materials and processes. This, combined with extensive knowledge and competencies through the broadest gamut of manufacturing methods, from casting to advanced CNC machining, has allowed Spectore to move through even the most challenging projects in a timely and efficient manner. Its diverse experience and core competencies allow the company to easily move from consumer products through an expansive variety of other industrial or commercial applications.


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Edward Mirell, Spectore's private label line is global leader of contemporary metals jewelry, blending a passion for design with the latest technology to create unique jewelry accessories. The line specializes in award-winning titanium pieces, implementing patented technology to create unique designs, colors and styles.