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So, why the name Crete, well first the name Crete, like titanium, niobium and tantalum, is derived from a rich mythology primarily connected with the ancient Greek Gods but also connected with the Minoan civilization; once the center of the Minoan civilization (c. 2700–1420 BC). Minoan is currently regarded as the earliest recorded civilization in Europe. The name Crete (Κρήτη) first appears in Homer's Odyssey.


The word Crete is also a derivative of the word Concrete, which is widely used for making architectural structures, foundations, brick/block walls, pavements, bridges/overpasses, highways, runways, parking structures, dams, and much more. Concrete is used in large quantities almost everywhere mankind has a need for infrastructure. In fact, the amount of concrete used worldwide, ton for ton, is twice that of steel, wood, plastics, and aluminum combined. Concrete's use in the modern world is exceeded only by that of naturally occurring water.


Famous concrete structures include the Hoover Dam, the Panama Canal and the Roman Pantheon. The earliest large-scale users of concrete technology were the ancient Romans, and concrete was widely used in the Roman Empire. The Colosseum in Rome was built largely of concrete, and the concrete dome of the Pantheon is the world's largest unreinforced concrete dome.


The porous look of concrete has always fascinated artists and jewelry craftsmen. For decades, jewelry designers played with the material but were challenged by the limitations, wearability, and durability of the material. Spectore’s latest innovation “Crete”™ emulates the porous textured look and color of concrete in a material that offers limitless flexibility down to wafer thin sheets material. It can be machined, set, formed and much more.



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