About Spectore: The Owners


Edward Rosenberg

Designer / CEO


Eddie Rosenberg has been involved in the jewelry industry since age 11 working alongside his parents at their New York based store. His creative spirit brought him to the New York College, Pratt and the New York Institute of Technology as an Art major followed by a successful run in the music industry in the late 1960’s. His heritage and heart brought him back into the jewelry world, but the true impact he would make on it began in London where he was introduced to Titanium.


This discovery allowed him to introduce titanium to the consumer markets and specifically the jewelry industry. Over the last thirty years, Eddie has poured his heart and passion into the Edward Mirell line developing patented processes and materials along the way. This dedication to both the strategic materials and the jewelry industry culminated in his receipt of the 2010 International Titanium Associations’ coveted Technical Advancement and Development Award.



Mirella C. Connor

Executive Owner


Born on the Southeast coast of Italy, Mirella Connor has been an instrumental element in the founding of Spectore Corporation in 1983.


Her leadership and guidance continue to manage Spectore's most valuable asset: the hard working, design thriving, and loving people that are the true source of the company’s accomplishments. Her greatest gift is simply inspiring people to achieve more than they ever thought possible.


While leading the Spectore family to success, Mirella ignites quality throughout the manufacturing process, maintains her respect for tradition, and leads the company towards new horizons.

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Edward Mirell, Spectore's private label line is global leader of contemporary metals jewelry, blending a passion for design with the latest technology to create unique jewelry accessories. The line specializes in award-winning titanium pieces, implementing patented technology to create unique designs, colors and styles.