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Our Heritage

In the early 80’s the thought of jewelry being made from a metal that wasn’t precious and couldn’t be crafted with traditional methods was completely taboo. Breaking this taboo was what drove Edward M. Rosenberg to found Spectore Corporation.

His journey began with nothing but his experience as a traditional jeweler, his thirst for research, and his unwavering commitment to bringing new materials and technologies to an industry that had been virtually unchanged for centuries. Realizing this was not going to be an easy task, Edward knew that he would need to spend most of his time in the beginning on the research, development and application of titanium in jewelry and fashion accessories. After traveling thousands of miles around the globe to hunt down every person he could find that may have known something about titanium he returned to Florida and founded Spectore Corporation in 1983. Armed with a tremendous amount of knowledge he set out to build a facility that combined the old-world spirit and craftsmanship of the bench jeweler with the contemporary technology of computer aided design and manufacturing. A facility unlike any other in the industry. News spread quickly of what Edward was doing and it wasn’t long before the world’s most prestigious brands were commissioning Spectore to create exciting new products. But never satisfied and needing more, Edward set his sights on industries other than jewelry and accessories. His expertise and experience in every aspect of titanium manufacturing made him the go to supplier for the luxury firearms industry, the technology industry and the hardware industry just to name a few.

More than 35 years later, now under the direction of Steven Fina and Adam Rosenberg, Edward’s son, Spectore continues to create products that blend contemporary design and innovation with modern materials and manufacturing technologies.

The original journey started by Edward M. Rosenberg continues…