Who We Are...

Spectore Corporation is the recognized pioneer and leader in the application of Titanium for the consumer products market. With over 25 years of experience, Spectore has become the dominant and preeminent company in the industry. From its very beginnings, Spectore has been at the forefront of new material development and has pioneered the manufacturing methodologies and processes necessary to consistently manufacture products to the highest standard.

Spectore has developed critical strategic alliances with many of the largest material suppliers and fabricators in the world. Through these synergies Spectore has been instrumental in the creation of many proprietary and patented materials such as Spectore Black Ti™, CobaBlu™ Cobalt and BioBlu™ 27. In addition, through its broad exposure and global relationships, Spectore has applied their technological advantages to orchestrate and consistently deliver the benefit of leadership positioning to a multitude of world renowned brands through a variety of markets.

Spectore Corporation continually strives for innovations
in not only new materials and combinations of
hybrid products, but also in leading
edge applications for these unique elements.